is diversity & inclusion revolution or reform?

new podcast project with David Ryan Castro-Harris of Amplify RJ

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2 min readSep 17, 2021

So what’s the problem with the “business case” for D&I? Or why HR may not be your friendly neighborhood advocate when it comes to equity?

Well, we got a podcast for ya! A podcast that pushes conversations about D&I beyond the “business case” and towards collective liberation. On the pod, we get into juicy confessions, nuanced insights, and brilliant analyses with DEI practitioners, organizers, activists, facilitators, researchers, educators, and more.

We know that D&I isn’t enough. And we know that restorative justice and healing justice can get us one step closer to collective liberation. The question is: how do we bring this all together into the workplace so that we can all get free?

Each episode features a firecracker conversation with a special guest, followed by a short debrief with Connie and David. These conversations give practical strategies, human complexities, critical theories, interconnected frameworks, lingering tensions, some humor, some tenderness, and lots and lots of questions.

The first episode drops Tuesday, September 21 so follow and subscribe wherever you listen stay-up-to-date with the latest.

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So tell us: Is D&I revolution or reform?



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