Photo taken in Chinatown, LA

Un-Containing Asian/Americanness: What is #StopAsianHate a Site Of and For?

This is part three in a collection of five imperfectly scribbled parts. For contextual grounding, please visit the landing page.

What if anti-Asian violence is not reducible to hate, and is in fact a persistent, unexceptional presence in the long historical, civilizational terror-making machine that is the United States?

What then, becomes of our hopes and dreams and fears when we are reduced to foreign bodies that bear hate?

What are we, Asian/Americans, mobilizing for?

What does aging into an Asian/American identity look like for us?

What do we envision as Asian/American elders and future ancestors in this country and across these oceans?

We have to see ourselves here too, existing and aching.

This is the invitation, the calling, the choice to tell our stories as more than bodies bearing hate and static myths, but as enduring sites of love, ripening through struggle.



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