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Photograph by Mark Konig

what is it to deny racism

Our most recent RJSH practice applies the five stages of grief to navigating racism in our lives, and we begin with the first stage of denial. So White folks and non-Black People of Color, let’s talk about denial.

Denial about racism looks like:

Denial is a refusal, a contradiction, a rejection and dismissal of the truths we cannot live with. It is a life of ease, of not seeing, of refusing to regard how our indifference and inaction is a collective burial. Denial is a forgiveness of ourselves when that grace is not ours to give, but ours to repair, first and always. So that we may rest our heads easy night after night, denial has become an everyday habit of reshaping a reality that is not ours to alter into nonexistence.

So what is it to begin refusing denial as we grieve racism in our lives.

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